About company
While living in Baku, we have to adjust to the rhythm of life in the metropolis, trying always to keep in time. The public transport is not the best option, because its route lay across liveliest and busiest ways. Passenger taxi – that's the best solution for those who manage personal time wisely. Especially if it's a "Grand Taxi".

Our taxi service has been on the market for 11 years. Quality service and reasonable prices have always been our main priorities. The spectrum of services of our company is to provide corporate taxi, transfer organization and meetings. The Park is equipped with vehicles of all categories, either economy class, or Vip categories cars, or luxury limousines.

At the moment we have a lot of appreciation from both corporate clients and visitors from other countries who are using taxis in Azerbaijan. The main principles of our work are the maximum safety and comfort for passengers.

Great prices and always attentive attitude to the client are the values to which we keep unconditionally. You can order a taxi in Baku by using online form. We accept cash and non-cash payments.

Many of us do not trust to the Inexpensive taxi services in Baku. Indeed, the cheaper the service, the lower level of service, so we used to take it. However, in our company you will never encounter with incompetent staff and will not be forced to wait long for the car. Our manager will take a taxi call 24 hours a day, operative auto will save your precious minutes. "Grand-Taxi" is a high quality and fast taxi at an affordable price.
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