Customer review
"As a frequent user of taxi services, once I had to change providers quite frequently. Naturally, each of the taxi companies offers a pricing strategy of its own, which often tends to be not advantageous at all. As luck would have it, recently one of my friends has recommended me your company (GrandTaxi). Employing your services, I stayed utterly satisfied. Now I am a regular customer of GrandTaxi”
- Emil Latifov

"Not so long ago, I used the "designated driver” service of GrandTaxi. The driver turned out to be a true professional and was extremely polite. Overall, I was very pleased”
- Alasgar Jafarov

"In view of the fact that I have to regularly attend lots of important events, it is very important to me to get to them in time. The drivers of your company are well familiar with the roads, so I safely use your service without having a go at spare time of mine”
- Kanan Karimov

"The other day I took advantage of the "designated driver” service of GrandTaxi. It should be noted that the oncoming road was quite difficult. But the driver of your company easily fond the shortest and safest way. To be honest, that impressed me much. Bravo!”
- Bayram Bahtiyarogly

"On the eve of an important event I experienced a problem with my car. All in all, left without a car, I had to take a taxi. I chose GrandTaxi, and was very pleased to do so. Thank you!”
- Nijat Guliyev

"I'm a photographer, and once heading to event, I have to take with me all the necessary equipment. In this case, spacious and comfortable cars of GrandTaxi come to my rescue. I am very pleased with the quality of services provided”
- Nizami Ahmadov

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